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Start Date:
Sunday, January 22nd, 2017
9:45am - 1:15pm EST
during class time
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Course Duration:
1 year
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Sahih Al Bukhari English Course 2017

Selected chapters of Ahadith, along with Hifdh of Surah al Baqarah (Juz 1)

Interactive Classes with Live Discussions and Group Sessions to Keep you connected and motivated throughout the course!

Sunday, January 22nd 2017
9:45am - 1:15pm EST

Groups: Held during class time

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Sahih Al Bukhari Course Curriculum
Selected Chapters of Al Bukhari
Memorization of Surah Al Baqarah Juz 1

Understand the Detailed Explanation of Each Word and the Meaning of the Ahadith!
Learn Skills of Dawah and Dealings of our Beloved Prophet saw.!
Open your heart to absorb the love of Allah and Rasool saw!
Practical explanation to make Ahadith and Sunnahs part of our lives
Memorize Surah Al Baqarah Juz 1, with correct pronunciation!

Course Fee: $320
Pay the course fee in 1 payment, at the time of registration, and get $20 off!

Payment Plan options: are available for those who cannot pay the complete course fee in 1 payment, please choose a payment plan at the time of registration

Please read the fees policies before registering by clicking here

Fee Policy on Full or Partial Refunds:
Only those students who have paid the Complete Course fee, before the course begins, qualify for a refund or transfer

• Full refund: 1st or 2nd day of class**
• 50% refund: 3rd or 4th day of class**
Course tuition is non-refundable & non-transferable after the 4th class

Fee Policy on Transfers to another Al Huda Online Course: Click Here

Payment plan payments: Once you enroll, you will be given access to a student dashboard, click on the "Pay Fee" link to pay.

Please Note:

• Course books are not included in the course fees

• In order to benefit from the course fully, all course books are recommended to be purchased

Click on the book names below to purchase required Course Books:
Books can be bought individually, click on different categories and add to cart

Book List
​1) Sahih Al Bukhari binder of selected chapters
2) ​Salah ​Dua book​let​ - coming soon
​3) Non Color Coded Usmani Mushaf (Arabic Quran)
​4) Note Book for Quran writing h.w.​ (Any lined notebook)

Classes are held online:

Alhuda Online Classroom: my.alhudaus.com
Name: Sahih Al Bukhari English Course 2017

Join Through:

• Laptop or Desktop Computer <- Recommended method of joining class
Firefox or Chrome browser recommended

• Smart Phone or Tablet - iPhone, iPad or Android
Download the app: Puffin Web Browser and join
Note: Classes do not work on all devices. On some devices students can listen but won`t be able to take the mic or type, preferred method of joining class is a Laptop or Desktop

Registered students will be required to:

  • Attend Live class
  • Attend All Group sessions
  • Attempt and submit tests & assignments online in the time given

Al Huda Online Course Policies:
Attendance requirements, Late work submission, Holidays and more.. Click Here

Students who can meet the above requirements and would like to obtain a Certificate should register from the `Register` tab on this page.

All Registering Students should have:

• Basic Computer Skills, logging in, reading emails etc...
• Ability to speak & understand English
• Reading & writing of English

Age requirement:

• 12 years and up

Students may still join the course after the course has started, before admissions for the course close.

Students who take late admission, please note the following:

• Students will be provided with all the recordings from the beginning of the course to make up the missed lessons.
• Students will make up the missed lessons, tests & assignments by the deadline and will graduate along with the present Course.
• All students, regardless of their joining date, will pay the complete course fee calculated from the starting date of this Course.

Closed Admissions

Admissions are closed due to the nature of the courses. Once admissions are closed for a course, new students will no longer be accepted, sorry.

Listeners are welcome to listen to classes at anytime during the course, no need to register.

Registration for the course

بارك الله فيك