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Course Policies

AlHuda Online Institute Course Policies:
          Basic Requirements Of All Courses Offered Online By AlHuda Institute
  • All Online Course Requirements
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    All students must:

    1) Attend All Classes Live
    2) Attend All Group Sessions Live
    3) Submit All Tests on time
    4) Submit All Assignments on time
    5) Take All Oral Assessments on time
    6) Pay All course fees on time
    7) All written and oral work must be submitted by December 30th of the year in order to be considered for next year's graduation.
    For example, all written and oral work must be submitted by December 30, 2016 in order to be considered for 2017 graduation.
    8) Every single assigned Test, Assignment or Quiz, Oral or Written must be passed with 80% or above marks
  • Attendance in Live Class & Group Sessions
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    Live attendance is required during class timings by all courses, attendance must be maintained at 90%.

    Students are expected to be punctual and regular during their course for class and groups
    ALL Missed Classes or Groups must be made up in a timely manner for partial credit.
    100% of Groups & Class attendance is required

    Every single missed class and every single missed group must be made up to qualify for a certificate

    90% marks are given as made-up classes or groups hold less marks than live

    Less than 90% attendance in groups will NOT be issued any type of certificate

    Less than 90% in live class attendance will be issued a Correspondence Course Certificate, which will reflect the student did not attend live classes but did complete all the class recordings on their own time

  • Absences
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    Every Single Missed Class And Group Must Be Made Up For All Excused And Unexcused Absences:

    Excused Absences:
    • Hajj (Not Umrah)
    • Personal Illness
    • Family emergencies (Please judge if you are truly having an emergency or making an excuse)

    Unexcused Absences:
    • Family visits/guests
    • Going out of town/taking a vacation
    • Other classes in school, masjid etc...
    • Any other excuse not covered by the above excused absences

    Online Courses can be accessed from anywhere in the world, students are expected to attend live class and groups while at home, out or traveling

  • FAQ’s
    Frequently Asked Questions
    How many group sessions can a student miss before they are dropped from the course?
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    Any student absent/noshow from groups for 12 lessons continuously, will be dropped automatically from the course.
    They cannot rejoin the same course & should join a new course
  • How much grace period is given at Course Completion for any pending work?
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    No grace period will be given to students to complete the missing work (that is to complete test/assignment/oral assessment/group study/listening) after the Course Completion date

    What does this mean?
    For any reason, one or more of the above basic requirements (Items 1 – 8) were not fulfilled on time, then make-ups are expected to be done in timely manner during the course duration.
    No extra time will be given to complete any of the basic requirements after the course ends

    Which type of course does this rule apply to?
    All Online Courses
    Quran, Hadith, Advance, Tajweed, Grammar, Youth, Hifdh, Phone, Summer, Ramadan & Short Courses etc…

    What is the Course Completion Date?
    Course Completion Date is the last day of the course.
    Each Courses’ Completion Date will vary depending on when the course began, the duration of class and the duration of the course.
    There might be some regular last assignment/test due after completion of the course, but no make-ups will be accepted

    Who is affected?
    The Policy is effective immediately for all Online courses
  • What about students who could not complete their courses due to some unseen circumstances?
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    We strongly believe all students are fully capable of completing their journey with Online Courses

    If a student was not able to complete their missing work during the course duration, he/she can complete his/her missing course work with Flexible Schedule Courses in a maximum of two years duration, from the date of completion of the old course and obtain a Flexible Course Certificate/Diploma
  • What are Flexible Schedule Courses?
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    Flexible Courses are courses designed to give a student flexibility in choosing the time & pace they complete their course work in.

    Which Courses are offered through Flexible Courses?
    At this time only Quran Certificate Courses are offered with this option
  • What if the course I want to join has already started?
    Can I join late and still be eligible for certificate/diploma after I complete my missing work?
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    Admissions will not be granted after first* Juz of the Quran has completed in a Quran Course.

    All late admissions will be expected to complete any missing work during the course duration, according to the schedule assigned by the Course In-charge.

    *Please check for the exact date registration will close for each course on the course page, the dates will vary according to the nature of each course. For example a course may close at half juz completion, Not 1 juz… and others may close admissions at day 1 or even before the course begins…
  • What if I want to join a new course offered by AlHuda instead of joining Flexible Course to complete my work?
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    The student will be dealt as transfer student in a new course and only his/her Written tests, assignments & quiz grades from their previous course can be transferred upon request with a transfer fee.

    However, the student will have to attend all classes, that is, maintain their attendance and take All Groups and Oral assessments with the new course regardless if it has been done already with the previous course.
    Attendance and oral exam grades can not be transferred

    The student will graduate with the new course upon fulfilling all of the requirements of that particular course and get the certificate or diploma of the new course.

    I prefer not to do all the work over again, how can I transfer All of my Written And Oral work?
    Please register with Flexible Courses, all work will be transferred, the student will complete their pending work and any other requirements for Flexible Courses and will graduate with a Flexible Course Certificate.

  • My class is broadcasted Live from Al Huda Canada. Which policies will apply?
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    All courses taken Online, whether the class is broadcasted Live or conducted through Recordings, will follow the same policies mentioned on this page of Online Policies

    Someone I know is taking the class live physically at the Center and has different graduation requirements then what is mentioned here?
    Online and Onsite policies will differ. All Online students will need to meet the Online requirements in order to graduate Online.
  • How long does a student have to transfer their grades to another course?
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    If student is not able to finish a course due to unseen circumstances with her/his class, then he/she will have maximum of two years from date of completion, to get his/her result transferred to another course. After two years the student will have to start from the beginning and complete all the course requirements again.
  • Tests, Assignments & Quizzes
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    Tests, Assignments & Quizzes are modes of assessments to check the understanding and comprehension of each student.
    It is compulsory for all registered students to attempt all exams written & oral as per requirement of their course.

    Every single assigned Test, Assignment or Quiz, Oral or Written must be passed with 80% or above marks.

    What if I miss the due date?
    Students who miss the due date will need to make a payment of $5 per week late, up to maximum $15 per exam request online, which must be made and completed during the course duration.

    What if I take the exam but I don’t pass?
    Failed oral or written exams will need to be reattempted
    Only one attempt is allowed for a failed exam which must be made and completed during the course duration
    The fee to retake the failed exam is $5 per exam paid online.
  • Request Access to Missed / Failed Tests, Assignments or Quizzes
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    To request a missed, late or failed Online Quiz:
    Make the payment from the form below
    Forward the email receipt to your Course asking for access to the missed exam

    For papers printed and mailed in for grading:
    Make the payment from the form below
    Print the receipt and mail it in with the late paper

    Note: Students who will take a retest or submit test/ assignment late do not qualify to be a position holder for that term.