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How to join guide




Step 1:
Go to www.alhudatalk.com

Step 2:
Choose the Room you will enter from the Course drop down menu

Step 3:
1) Add your name
2) Add the password (if one has been provided)
If no password has been provided please leave the box as is, do not type or delete anything
3) Click 'Join'

Step 4:
The room will load and a box will pop up To hear the class click 'Allow'

Step 5:
To speak on the mic during class click 'Microphone’'

If you choose the ‘Microphone’ option, these boxes may pop up Click ‘Yes’ or ‘Next’ or ‘Allow’

The boxes will disappear and you will be able to hear the class audio and speak on the mic

May Allah (SWT) make this learning
most beneficial for you,