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Assalamualaikum wa rahamtullahi wabarakathu,
Dear Course in Charge,
I am so thankful to Allah SWT for having granted me this opportunity to do the Summer Course 2011 with AlhudaInstitute- Canada.The thrill and joy that it has brought into my life is amazing; and it is an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life inshallah.
It contained 3 subjects:Tafsir, WordAnalysis and Tajweed;of which tafsir and Word Analysis were both broadcasted live and it was extremely interactive where questions could be posted and answered immediately.
Being a 16 year old and doing an Islamic course for the 1st time, I thought it was going to be really tough. However I was proved wrong - the teachers kept the lessons so simple, breaking down even the toughest of parts so that it could clearly be understood by each and every student.
The Tajweed rules taught in the course have made me love to recite the Quran as it has taught me what each and every sign means, so that I know what i am reading.But ofcourse, remembering them is not an easy task.Practice is needed to master the proper way of recitation ;). Word analysis was excellent as well, where the teachers gave 2-3 words from each ayat and broke down their meanings and root words for the students.
However, my favourite subject was Tafsir,where each ayat of the prescribed surah was explained in detail and backed up with examples so that the meaning was clear.I loved it!!The duration of the course was 4 hours,8 working days, which I thought was perfect- especially for a kid like me who was doing an online course for the 1st time.
I am looking forward to more effective courses like this inshallah.
Thank you Alhuda.




The thing that motivated me intially towards this course was that it was taught by Sheikh Gomaa who is from Egypt and is Qualified from Al Azhar University and has Ejaza in recitation as well. What i really liked about the course as it started was that that the Sheikh taught us the basic to hard core concepts in a very simple and easy way with both his presentation and verbal skills. He kept all the students engaged by calling out names of all the students in the entire session in order to keep them interactive in class. He would also review the old lessons in class so we don`t forget. In the second part of the class he would listen to our recitation and gave us feedback.All the students could hear each other that also gave us the confidence to recite in front of an us tad. Also at the end we had a written online multiple choice exam that also helped us to retain our core concepts. Shk Goma was very patient with all the students through out the class. He not only taught us the rule of tajweed but he always shared a hadith or a Quranic verse with us so we never forget why we are learning Quran. His famous phrase was..students how is your relationship with the Quran??? That always always made me think...yes really how is my relationship with the Quran,how honest i am when i am reading it ?Am i reading with understanding or this is just an oral excercise. I will recommend this course to everyone who is seeking to learn tajweed from it`s basics to advance.